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At Minelli, we represent talent that captivates beyond the traditional ideas of beauty — we’ve trail-blazed since the early 2000s. Defying the traditional scope of model agencies, individuals represented by Minelli are multidimensional, with one-of-a-kind identities.


models, influencers, groups.

Interesting faces. Creative influencers. Unique groups. Our diverse board has it all. Minelli models are excited to take part in a variety of brand projects, from lookbooks to campaigns. In the digital space, our influencers and content creators are available for social media campaigns and brand collaborations. Our groups board includes families, couples, and collectives ready to bring personality and energy to any shoot.


discovering beauty in the unusual.

In a world that’s ever-changing, Minelli is a genuine representation of the now. We believe that allure is often discovered in the most unexpected places, and real people — no matter their size, height, ethnicity, gender identity, and cultural background — are the ones who intrigue the most. Our mission is to provide clients and brands with multifaceted, not-so-typical talent with whom audiences truly resonate.

New Feature

Nike x Lebron x Liverpool FC Campaign

Brittany // @colombolov3 Shot by @marc.c Make Up by @saruulbebe & @aliasimonestyle Styled by @keylakeylakeyla & @playboyxeddie

New Face

Jerrod (they/them) // @w3tter

Jerrod is a collector of rare tropical plants - they have 111 house plants and that number is always going up. They do plant consulting and teach people how to maintain/grow their interior and exterior gardens. They've even help decide spaces with plants and furniture.

New Work

Patty for @skims

Fits Everybody Bra Campaign Photography: Greg Swales @gregswalesart Hair: Sami Knight Makeup: Lily Keys Production: Blond @blondprodn


Pronouns: she/they // Hobbies: reading, painting and tattooing // Sign: Aquarius


Pronouns: she/her/hers // Hobbies: gymnastics, writing and scuba diving // Sign: gemini

Annika Saige

Pronouns: they/she // Hobbies: dance, violin and sewing // Sign: aquarius

Emily Rose

Pronouns: she/her/hers // Hobbies: dancing, acting, and hiking // Sign: Pisces


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